Babyhood personality development

Now your dream have come true, you have got your precious child on your lap. You have done the most awesome jobs of the world. If you are a first time parents, it might become a little challenge for you how you are going look after your little baby. But believe me, you will just be fine. You will learn on your way, in fact some first time parents do a better job than experienced parents. Just bear in mind that your baby is very fragile in first few months, s/he needs special care and comfort. Lets talk about some special needs and care they require -

Babyhood is a critical period in personality development when the foundations of adult personality are laid. In contrast toddler is used to denote a baby that has achieved relative independence, in moving about, and feeding. You need to bear in mind that parental responses lead to the development of patterns of attachment, which in turn lead to 'internal working models' which will guide the individual's feelings, thoughts, and expectations in later relationships.

Research suggests that " The infants who received the positive touch cried less often and also vocalized and smiled more than the infants who were touched negatively. Infants who were the recipients of negative touching have been linked with emotional and behavioral problems later in life. A lower amount of physical violence in adults has been discovered in cultures with greater levels of positive physical touching."

To handle your baby properly remember -

  • Never shake your baby, that might cause internal bleeding in their brain
  • Always support their neck when handling them
  • Always keep your hands clean before touching baby
  • Keeping baby secure in the carrier on the move
  • Keep them warm, buy warm breathable clothes 
  • Don't jiggle them in the air, they are not ready yet
  • Feed them every 2-3 hours as per recommended dose
  • Change nappy and clean baby around 8 times a day
  • Always keep in touch with your midwife and doctor, anything unusual i.e. not interested in eating or sleeping, call your doctor
  • Let the baby sleep for 12-16 hours a day depending on their age
  • Give them lots of love, babies are the most beautiful living beings in the world
Happy Parenting!

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