About Us

Little Guardian is a boutique baby shop in New Zealand. We are fashionable shop and we want your children dress to impress and look sophisticated. We aim to bring quality baby products to you at affordable price.  It was year of 2016 when the concept of Little Guardian was born in Auckland. 
Now we are located at 250 Lambton Quay (ground floor), Wellington CIty, Wellington 6011. We are fully online shop as well as traditional brick and mortar shop. If you are unsure about any of our product, Please come and visit us at the above address. 

Even though, the fashion and retail industry tends to be overly youth focused, by closely following generational fashion trends as well as customers' purchasing preferences, Little Guardian aimed to redefine baby fashion and tailors inventory to meet the specific trendy needs. We focus on the styles, colors and fits to the most diverse children age groups. 

The retail industry in New Zealand is relatively low and contributing only 4% to its GDP but we believe there will be more people encouraged to shop online in nearer future.

We are not very mission and vision focused organisation; we are very agile and always changing our approach to stay align with demands.

We are very much growth focused organisation and continuously thriving to meet our customer needs. We are here to stay, stay with you and your little one. We hope, you will keep in touch with us. 

Wishing you very best of life.

The Little Guardian Team

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